We Need Vents!

Ventilators are critical care hospital equipment that help sick people breathe when their lungs are fighting off infections like COVID-19 pneumonia.

On a regular day, the United States has enough.

But a wave of COVID-19 infections will overwhelm our ventilator supply. Up to 5% of people with coronavirus will need breathing support.

Doctors will have to choose: Who gets the vent? Who lives?

This terrible choice is preventable.

The Federal Government has the power to use the Defense Production Act to direct our country's private manufacturing resources to create more ventilators, fast.

We can save lives! We have the capacity to produce more vents. But…

The President signed the law, but has not made the order to produce ventilators.

Please join us in urging the Surgeon General to make the order to produce more vents, now.

Contact your senators

Call the US Senate switchboard at 202-224-3121 to reach your senators and ask them to urgently press the Federal Government to apply the Defense Production Act to the mass production of ventilators.

Contact your governor to ask them to do the same.

Use Resistbot if you’re phone-shy or can’t get through.

Use this social media template to make your voice heard:

Dear @Surgeon_General and Dr. Birx,

I don't want anyone to die from #COVID19 because of a shortage in ventilators. We need vents! Use the #DefenseProductionActNow!



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Copy and paste to personalize your message with a photo and a mention of someone you care about (including yourself!) who may be at risk in the event of a ventilator shortage.

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